Come Escape with Us

Whirling Wheel Pottery Studio is pottery, creativity, relaxation, escape, fun, laughter, exercise, friendship, and so much more.

Hands-on creativity with clay and sculpture is quite possibly the best way to end a long day, or maybe even the best way to spend your whole day.  Whirling Wheel is a focus point for creative individuals to find an expressive outlet for the energy inside of them that is bursting to be put to good use. 

A Haven for the Artist Inside You

Spend some time looking through our photo gallery and enjoying the wonderful pieces that have been created by our present and past participants.

Then come join us in our next session.  You'll have a blast, guaranteed.  From mud to masterpiece, clay to creation, Whirling Wheel Pottery Studio is an odyssey of personal expression and individual craftsmanship.

You're going to love the mess you make!