Hand Building

Handbuilding classes are designed for any student, with or without prior experience working with clay. This class will cover basic handbuilding techniques such as coiling, drape molds (including slump & hump molds), along with slab construction. Students will learn a variety of decorating and glazing techniques such as texture, adding embellishments (such as handles and feet), slips and glazes. Class is primarily focused on large vessel forms such as vases, bowls, plates and platters.

  • Large Coil-built Pots
  • Slab Construction
  • Drape & Slump Mold Techniques
  • Decorative Surface Techniques
  • Glazing

8 week course includes:
2 hours of instruction per week
One 25 lb. Bag of clay
Community tools to use
24 hour access to studio
All materials required for glazing
4000 cubic inches of firing space

$ 200.00

Additional charge for extra clay is $ 15.00 per 25 lb. bag of clay. Personal tool kits are available for purchase as well as extra firing space.